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Students of all ages are welcome!

Children can start from the age of 6

Classes in

  • Dutch

  • English

  • Serbian

Beginners and advanced

  • reading notes

  • music theory

  • chords

  • ear training

Private lessons tailored to your wishes

  • different music genres

  • personalized approach

With every student I take an individual approach that suits their wishes and goals in learning to play the piano. That includes using different method books, focusing on a certain music genre, the amount of music theory and ear training that is practiced during classes. All students are taught to read notes, and some basics of music theory so that they are equipped to better understand music.

Classes are private (one on one), which means that every student has my full attention!

While gaining technical skills and theoretical knowledge is important, I believe it's equally important to have fun in the process and to cultivate the student's love for music. That is why I aim to create a fun and stimulating environment for everybody to learn in!

Piano classes

Location and time

I teach at my home in Griend, Zwijndrecht.

I am available for classes from Mondays to Fridays, including the evenings.


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